1. In these terms and conditions, the following words shall have the following meaning:
    • ATRA” means Air Transport Rating Agency;
    • “Client” means the entity indicated as the purchaser in the Purchase Order;
    • “Parties” means ATRA and the Client;
    • “Report” means the annual technical airlines competitive report prepared by Air Transport Rating Agency;
    • “Agreement” means the agreement between the Parties concludes in connection with the acquisition of the Report by the Client
  2. These Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Agreement and by ordering the Report, the Client expressly agrees that these Terms and Conditions shall govern the rights and obligations of the Parties.  No additional or inconsistent provisions that may be proposed by the Client shall be binding upon ATRA unless specifically and expressly agreed to in writing. No acceptance of any such additional or inconsistent provisions shall be implicit, through course of conduct or otherwise.
  3. The Report and the information contained therein are confidential and strictly for the internal use of the Client.  No part of the Report may be reproduced and/or distributed in any form without the prior written consent of ATRA.  It is not permitted, in particular, to make the Report or the information contained therein available to customers (howsoever defined), external consultants or to any other third party, including via the Client’s intranet.
  4. ATRA has made every effort to ensure that best scientific practices have been used to analyse available airlines data and prepare the Report. Neither ATRA nor any of its past, present or future members warrants data accuracy or shall, regardless negligence, be liable for any use (foreseeable or not) made of it. Any such liability is expressly excluded.
  5. ATRA makes no guarantees, express or implied, regarding the quality and accuracy of data sources and of the quality, accuracy or fitness for any particular purpose (disclosed or implicit) of the Report and/or the information contained therein. ATRA shall be not be liable for any information, omissions or use of the information presented, or any violations of any law which may occur as a result of utilising the Report and/or the information contained therein.  The use of the Report and/or the information contained therein is under the Client’s own risk and responsibility.
  6. The Agreement is subject to the laws of Switzerland and any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Agreement shall be exclusively submitted to the jurisdiction of Swiss Courts in the Canton of Geneva.
  7. By ordering online to ATRA, the Client confirms its understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.