Air Transport Rating Agency (ATRA) provides value beyond the rating through scientific methods and validated data. Each rating suggests interesting interpretation and discussion, which generate meaningful knowledge. ATRA does not generate data as such but we use existing data to compute information in order to deliver meaningful results for companies, insurers, regulatory authorities, investors, and other stakeholders. The innovative context, perspective and synthetic information that we provide help aviation professionals to better understand their environment and support decision making.

As an unsolicited rating agency, ATRA offers unique tools and best practices for measuring and assessing risk in the aviation sector through expertise and experience in scientific methodologies such as multi-criteria analyses and data-mining. By providing leading-edge analyses, advisory services and scientific research tools, ATRA integrates and customizes its offerings to address any specific business challenges.

Because everybody is a potential airlines customer, ATRA releases every year the top 10 of its holistic safety rating through its website